Nails To Go

A trip to the nail salon is usually at the top of most divas vacation prep "To Do List". With all the hustle, packing and preparation it takes to go out of town, the option to wear a "luxury press on" manicure and reclaim a couple of hours sitting in a nail salon was very appealing.  I admit the initial thoughts of flimsy old school press on nails from my childhood immediately turned me off from the idea but after doing a little research on YouTube, Etsy and Instagram I fell in love with the concept and gave it a try! Now...I'm officially hooked! 

Luxury Press On nails are super convenient for a busy lifestyle.  In addition to the time savings, I love the flexibility they provide.  I easily and quickly change nail looks for work or fun in just a few minutes.  The option to carry multiple nail looks in my luggage and switch them while I'm traveling or press on a dramatic set after leaving the office and before landing in a destination is so much fun! 


Enjoy a discount when you order from one of my favorite Etsy Brands: Little Swing